We raise and train a Limited Number of protection dogs for sale at any time. This ensures every dog at Link K9 Family Protection Dogs receives Love, Care & Time. This time is vital to ensure that your new pet is ready to protect but also is a very safe animal to have around your entire family.

We only have 2 different breeds for sale and these are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois (also known as the Belgian Shepherd). We use these as we believe their temperaments make them easier to handle and a much better animal to have around children. All of our dogs are trained and assessed by Rory in our Liverpool facility.

Family protection dog


Although you want your guard dogs to be professional when the time comes, the important part is that they are extremely good with you and your family. This is where our elite training programme comes into play. 

What Makes Our Training Different?

Rory personally trains every single protection dog with his elite programme. The dogs are integrated with his own family and around kids from a very young age. This means your new pet will be ready to work with you and your family for the protection and security that you are looking for. 

If you’re looking to buy a protection dog, take a look at our available animals below.


Wim is a 11 month-year-old male German Shepherd. Son of our Stud THOR.

Wim has been reared and trained in our home since 8 weeks were he has grown alongside my own 2 young children, Wim has a calm nature and happy in any social situation. 

Large for his age with incredible abilities in protection training, Wim is maturing and learning brilliantly.  

Call to enquire about Wim on 07809650269



We Personally Raise Every Protection Dog At Link K9 In A Family Environment

Every dog at Link K9 is trained to the highest of standards in a multitude of Real Life Scenarios

Each dog receives the Personal 1 on 1 training needed. Trained to Protect but also for Families Integration.

An Intense Elite Personal training programme not available elsewhere

We raise & train German Shepard’s or Belgian Malinois because of their excellent temperaments and handling abilities. These dogs make great protection dogs and fantastic pets. 

Our protection dogs are trained to respond to threats to you and your family. This is done in a controlled and appropriate manner. 

Our dogs will initially attempt to neutralise the threat in a show of controlled aggression, generally enough to deter most intruders. If the threat continues, our protection dogs will disable the threat through biting and pinning the assailant.

Need help picking a Puppy? You can reserve a dog through us from a young age as we only work with known Proven Bloodlines

You can visit the training throughout the year and  Build Up A Bond between you and your dog as they are trained. Creating a Strong Relationship between you and your dog so that both yourself and your new pet are familiar with each other. This is a fantastic option to become more familiar with your new pet and grasp a strong understanding of the Commands and Training.

A Family friendly experience that enables children to become more Confident and Comfortable around animals. 

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