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Elite Protection Dogs from LINKK9

LinkK9 is a premier provider of professionally trained protection dogs in the UK. We raise and train a limited number of dogs at any given time that is put through an extensive training program unlike elsewhere in the UK. This maximises control of our dogs and allows us to breed the most elite protection dogs possible. Our aim is to ensure every dog raised at Link K9 is focused on our client’s Family & Personal protection. We are based In Formby, Merseyside, just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool. A family-run business established by Rory Larsen back in 2002. Our founder Rory spends more time with animals than people. Over the years we have built up what we believe to be the highest standard of protection dog training second to none. Dogs reared at Link K9 are chosen from puppyhood. Every dog is carefully selected from proven bloodlines to ensure they protect their owners, family, and property. 

All of LinkK9’s hand-picked protection dogs are reared from puppyhood in our care in a loving family environment based in Liverpool. This means we know and understand the animal’s background and can assess its temperament.  Through the environment our dogs are raised they receive professional obedience and protection training at the very beginning. We believe that professional guard dog training offers families the peace of mind they deserve. All of our dogs are raised to be loving family pets and integrate seamlessly into family life.

If you already have a protection dog as part of your family but you are unsure of its loyalty and temperament, our assessment service will help you to ascertain the appropriate course of action or guard dog training that may be required.

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Link k9 Protection Dogs

A Guard dog is not only there for peace of mind but also becomes a valued member of your family. We hand pick all of our protection dogs from puppies and rear them at our home so that we can develop obedient, loyal and loving family pets.

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More About Our Trained Guard Dogs

We love what we do here at Link K9. Our trained guard dogs are a massive part of our lives. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to work with these incredibly loyal, loving and intelligent animals on a daily basis. We want to give you a glimpse into our day-to-day interactions with these magnificent personal protection dogs. A huge amount of care, attention and professionalism goes into training each and every family protection dog for sale here at Link K9’s guard dog training school.

Take a look at our video here to see our animal training in action. Our family pet Thor, runs through some training drills with Rory.

Life Long Protection From Your Family Pet

Our rigorous protection training ensures that these dogs will provide the highest standard of protection to you and your family. This gives you assurance against intruders and trespassers on your property, as well as any risks you may encounter while out with your family pet.

So if you’re looking for a trained guard dog to protect your family, drop us a line today. You can speak directly with our trainer Rory and discuss your needs in depth. Get Started today!

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