All our personal protection dogs are reared by Link K9 professionals from a very young age. Link k9 dog training and assessment ensures the highest standard of training, obedience and loyalty. We also offer obedience training to your existing family pets, which begin with a one-on-one consultation to assess the most efficient training methods. Our hand-picked personal protection dogs are selected from reputable bloodlines and home reared from puppies before undertaking at least one year of intensive training with our highly experienced professional handlers.

At Link K9 we also provide continuation training. If you have a family protection dog from us we are happy to refresh your dog’s skills through some further training which we would advise. We can do this on a daily basis or board your dog when you are away on holiday, don’t worry this service is available 365 days a year!


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Tailored Training Programmes for Every Dog

To get the results you want, it’s important to choose the right protection dog training course. Our classes are made to be flexible so that they can fit the needs and schedules of many people. We have options that will work for everyone, whether you need intense training over a short period or a longer programme that fits into your schedule.

  • Puppy Training: Starting to train your puppy early is very important for its growth. Our puppy training programme is all about getting the puppy used to people and other dogs, teaching basic commands, and building a strong base for future training. We make sure that your puppy turns into a well-behaved, sure-of-himself dog.
  • Obedience Training: Training your dog to behave is very important. Our programme teaches your dog basic to advanced commands so that he or she is well-behaved and responsive. Our trainers will help you reach your goals, whether you need to start from scratch or improve the skills you already have.
  • Behavioural Training: It can be hard to deal with behaviour problems. Our behavioural training programme helps with issues like aggression, anxiety, and barking too much. We use techniques called positive reinforcement to change your dog’s bad habits and make him healthier overall. 
  • Advanced Training: If your dog has mastered basic obedience, our advanced training programme includes commands and skills that are harder to master. Off-leash training, agility training, and other tasks that improve your dog’s skills are all part of this.


At Link K9 we firmly believe in supplying the highest quality protection dogs, and this is the reason we have our breeding programme in place. For this reason, we only ever stock a limited number of protection dogs at one time which we raise in our family home, which allows us to focus, monitor and maximise our quality of training. It is a requirement that all protection dogs go through a minimum of 1-year comprehensive training with Link K9 before being made available for purchase. All training and assessment will take place in our Liverpool based address.

In addition to our vigorous K9 security training methods we only ever source the very best dogs nationally and from across Europe. All of our dogs are sourced from proven bloodlines and have been hand-picked, and their health and temperament have been meticulously assessed before being imported into the UK. Our stringent process allows us to provide you with the best family protection dogs possible.

Purchasing a family protection dog can be a daunting process, and we fully appreciate that. We believe all of our dogs are pets and not just guard dogs. They make the perfect companion and can fit into family life seamlessly. Link K9 will guide you from the very beginning into making the right decisions; we will ensure that we work closely with you from the first day and throughout your dog’s life.

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