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Read our client testimonials here. At link K9, we value our client’s opinions. Not only does it give our future clients the confidence to trust us with their families protection, but it allows the team at Link K9 to feel the satisfaction of developing not only a family pet but a dog that will keep you safe.

At Link K9, we pride ourselves on training and developing some of the UK’s best family protection and guard dogs. Choosing a dog which will be a family pet as well as a protector requires serious consideration. We want all our clients to have the reassurance that Link K9 will help you through the process and be with you even after you take the dog home.

Read through our testimonials and please get in touch to discuss your families safety and security.



“After having previously purchased a guard dog that I had troubles with, I approached Rory and his team to check my dog out and reassure me on my purchase. Sadly, after taking out numerous obedience tests and practises, it was clear to Rory that I had purchased a dog that wasn’t fit for use which I immediately returned. With recent crime in my area, I couldn’t risk myself and my family not being protected. I could see how much Rory and his team at Link K9 loved the dogs as well as their commitment to high-quality professionalism. This is when Carter was brought into our lives, this beautiful German Shepard is not only a companion for the whole family but he has responded to two incidents in the home where he has potentially saved our lives. All I can say is thank you so much Link K9!” 

– Shelley, Lancashire



“After we experienced a break-in at our home, we no longer felt safe with just security cameras as our only form of protection. I found Link K9 on Facebook when a friend suggested a guard dog as a possible alternative. I cannot recommend Link K9 highly enough. I was hesitant about the idea of a protection dog as I have a young family, who ultimately, are my priority. After speaking with Rory, he soon set my mind at ease. Each of these excellent guard dogs are raised by Rory and his family. They spend so much time ensuring that the dog is able to protect us but, first and foremost, is our lovely family dog. Tyson is such a good dog for family AND protection. He has now been part of our family for 3 years and has added so much love and security to our lives.”

– Laura, Formby



“Rory and the whole Link K9 team restored my trust in protection dogs. I was looking for a good dog for family and protection a few years ago but ended up having a terrible experience. The dog was unpredictable and didn’t make us feel safe at all, so we had to get rid of it. I was completely put off getting another k9 security dog until I saw Rory’s videos on Instagram. The level of control and obedience was nothing like my previous dog, so I took the plunge and got in touch with Link K9. Rory explained how he raises excellent guard dogs by having them from puppies, which means he knows everything about each dog. I was so impressed and reassured that each dog has been around his family. So, I wasn’t surprised when our dog was immediately great with our kids. Thank you, Rory and Link K9 for providing the most protective dog in the world.” 

– John, Liverpool



“After having dogs my whole life, when my last dog passed away, there wasn’t a moment of doubt that I wouldn’t get another one. As I live on my own I wanted a companion I could sit with, take to my favourite coffee shop and be tolerable of kids as I have 4 grandchildren that come over weekly. I had never considered a protection dog, but after a friend pointed out how great these dogs were with children and everyday activities, I started to think that this would be perfect for me, especially living on my own! I visited Charlie my new puppy every weekend for 8 weeks, sometimes with the grandchildren and built up a special bond with this dog. He is now my shadow, loves our trips to the coffee shop and is absolutely great with the kids! Thanks, Link K9 for bringing this bundle of joy into my life! ” 

– Lisa, Lancashire



“After hearing about a recent increase in local home robberies, I couldn’t risk myself and my family being put into any danger. With living in an affluent area and owning a number of nice cars, I felt we could be the next target. This is when I found Link K9, after being recommended by two locals for home raising excellent guard dogs, as soon as I met Rory I could tell that straight away. Rory and the guys at Link K9 are the most genuine and down to earth people I have met that have compassion and understood my exact needs to find a good dog for family and protection. I have two dogs from Rory which have both protected me and my family from an attempted home evasion, I even have the CCTV footage to prove it!” 

– Stuart, Liverpool



“I had been considering the fact that I needed a guard dog for some time. My family and I live in an area that recently had a surge in crime and just wanted reassurance that we would be okay. Rex provided that perfectly. We got in touch with Link K9, a local company about their protection dogs. Rex was 18 months old and had just completed his training with Link K9 when we decided he was perfect for our family. The kids fell in love with him straight away, as he has such a beautiful temperament. Not once whilst seeing him play with my kids did I think he could possibly be aggressive to them. What an excellent guard dog and incredible companion Rex is to our family. “ 

– Steve, Cheshire

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